Who are you?
Identify your interests and aspirations
What can you do?
Recognise your talents and strengths
What do you want?
Define your short term and long term goals
Who’s going to help you?
Get help from the experts
Drawing up a plan

The pupils and students start by drawing up a personalised plan for their vocational future. They work in small groups in a nurturing and stimulating environment, and they take as much time as they need.

Profile development provides clarification

We enable the pupils and students themselves to determine the best path for their education. By using various methods including ProfilPASS, they can identify their own abilities and ambitions. This allows them to develop a clear sense of self which forms the foundation of their professional profile.

Help with the next steps

Needless to say, the consultation process includes specific information on further education programmes, work placements and contacts.

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What do you get from a workshop?
You’ll find out
  • what’s really important to you
  • what you’re good at
  • what to do next and how to do it
Dates for the next workshops

Our programme provides profiling and orientation for secondary school pupils and students who are on their way to work placements, further education or into a career. Other dates and workshops available by arrangement.

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Other programmes for schools
Consulting on intercultural change

Are you an education policy-maker? We can help you to define and co-ordinate practicable development steps in the change processes.

We offer consultation, coaching, and the development and implementation of tailor-made further education programmes for the intercultural integration of schools. A programme by “Die Profillotsen”.

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